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Tips for social media

I know that many of you already read Seth Godin’s blog, and you probably already saw his post about making a living online.

If you haven’t taken the time to download and read 279 Days to Overnight Success yet, I am another person telling you to do it. If you’re doing any kind of social media (blog, Facebook, Twitter, flickr, etc.), then you’ll want to read it.

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Vision and management

I really like this idea about management, transcribed from a 1986 speech by Richard Hamming:

When your vision of what you want to do is what you can do single-handedly, then you should pursue it. The day your vision, what you think needs to be done, is bigger than what you can do single-handedly, then you have to move toward management. And the bigger the vision is, the farther in management you have to go.

The bigger your vision is, the bigger the ship that you need to steer to get to that vision. Just this idea alone can tell you where you need to go in your career and whether you’re on that ultimate goal.

It can also be a criticism of leaders that have no vision. Why are managers in their current positions if they have no vision of where to go?

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School spirit in social media

What will you do?

I was pleased and surprised to see my alma mater Capital University doing a social media campaign. And it’s actually pretty good.

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Exercising curiosity

I’ll be first to say that time is my most precious resource. If I’m not using it as wisely as possible, I feel guilty. If I perceive anything to be a waste of time, I feel anxious and irritated.

Being 28, I didn’t feel this a few years ago. But now I just can’t seem to be bothered by anything that takes up my time.

This can be a flaw. The worst thing that’s happened is that I hadn’t tried much new lately. But I finally cracked open David Allen’s Getting Things Done, and it was terrific reading up on some refreshing new ideas.

Have you been putting off trying something new? What can you do to push yourself to try it out?

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Truman quote

I love this:

It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you don’t care who gets the credit.

– Harry S. Truman

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Web design podcast


There are a few good reasons to check out Paul and Marcus at the Boagworld Web Design Podcast, even if you’re not a web designer. Read on to find out why.

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Era of survivors

We’re entering a tough time. Entrepreneurs especially are going to need to be tough.

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How to be open and stay successful

Jason Fried, founder of 37signals, speaks at Business Innovation Factory about openness and how it’s benefited his small business.

Take some time to watch this video over the weekend. It’s only 15 minutes and could give you some new ideas on how to run your small business.

(Hint: The Internet gives you much of the power that you need to execute this strategy.)

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How to thrive in business today

Yesterday, Seth Godin spoke to over 2,000 listeners about the principles of his new book, Meatball Sundae. If you’re in business and haven’t read any of Seth’s work, you need to start now, grasshopper!

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Staying in for the long haul

When you start an online store, sales will start out slower than you could imagine.

If you’re off to a slow start in your e-commerce venture, rest assured that it took Amazon 7 years to report a profitable quarter.

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