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Introducing Playbook: more permanent than blog posts

I’ve been dissatisfied with blog posts lately because they feel too temporary. I write down my thoughts, click Publish, receive some attention for about a day, and then disappear into the ether. If I’m lucky, I blogged about something that Google finds favorable, and it sends me some visitors who generally will look at one page and leave immediately.

Enter my new Playbook, a collection of articles that explain my opinions on and preferences for web design and development.

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Why you need a responsive design for your website

After urging a couple clients to update their websites to be responsive, I started reflecting a little bit on why I recommend responsive web design (RWD) for most websites.

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Spring cleaning: your data longs for your attention

Even a relatively small database can become a nightmare without any attention paid to tidiness. Things start running slower. People can’t find things. Rage!

“Big data” or no, many businesses are still learning how to have any sort of data at their disposal. Heck, many will never get organized. Learn the skill of organization and ruthless pruning, or continue to run a time-suck of an organization with unhappy employees. Your choice.

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Blogging and my inability to bullshit

This year, it has become my goal to blog more regularly. For me, this always brings up the true challenge behind blogging: being interesting consistently.

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How adding your website logo as a CSS sprite blocks SEO

CSS sprites are a great way of speeding up your website’s load time, but there is a point where you can take it too far. When you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

I think that the biggest way that you can abuse this technique is by applying the technique to your website’s logo in the header. Let me explain how it affects your users and your overall marketing efforts.

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Death of RSS (not really)

There has been a wave of Internet folks bemoaning the death of RSS. They’re getting it wrong. RSS is not dying exactly, but its fate is expected and appropriate.

For those of you who need a refresher on what RSS is, see my post on RSS demystified.

Read on to get the gist of how this technology will live on.

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The opportunity in blogging

At this point, no one can deny that Facebook and Twitter are huge. And they often can help you reach out to people who share interests in your products and services (but not always). Facebook and Twitter are great for sharing quick links and quick thoughts.

I love this, and I love what this does for blogging.

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Naming your product for easier SEO

There are 2 extremes to choosing how to brand your product. You can either use plain-speak to describe it or make up a mystical brand name that may have little to do with the product itself. There are trade-offs to each approach, especially when SEO is concerned.

Let’s explore the options and see how it affects SEO

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Is blogging enough?

Hell no, it isn’t. In fact, I’d argue that your blog is worthless until it becomes a supplement of your identity. An extension of what you’re doing, not the center of it.

Let’s look at some examples and examine this a little more.

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The value of SEO

Paul Boag, a fairly famous Web guy, claimed to not get the value of SEO. I can’t blame him sometimes after I see what SEO agencies pull on companies.

But when done properly, I’d argue that SEO can help. It’s not just about making a “semantic” website, a skill that web designers tout way too often. There are some ways that SEO can help with the user experience when done the right way.

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