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Avoid slot machine marketing

Don’t be like Jimmy John’s and spray out irrelevant marketing messages to everyone within earshot. This isn’t in the "marketing disasters" category by any means, but I would file it under the "someone isn’t thinking" category.

What did they do? Read on and learn.

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The practical take on social media

I often try to remind myself of this quote from Scott Karp’s Publishing 2.0 blog:

Web 2.0 entrepreneurs who read TechCrunch daily (and who power-use multiple sites with “tagging” and who subscribe to 100+ tech RSS feeds) need to occasionally turn off the PC, put on some clothes, and head down to the local Walmart to spend some time hanging out with the mainstream.

As exciting as all of this new technology is, we’ve just broken through the early adopter phase of this new-fangled Interweb.

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Enterprise Facebook

What if your company’s intranet were more like Facebook? Isn’t the point of an intranet to spread ideas and information? Have you seen anything recently that does a better job of hooking in users than Facebook and Twitter?

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Tips for social media

I know that many of you already read Seth Godin’s blog, and you probably already saw his post about making a living online.

If you haven’t taken the time to download and read 279 Days to Overnight Success yet, I am another person telling you to do it. If you’re doing any kind of social media (blog, Facebook, Twitter, flickr, etc.), then you’ll want to read it.

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School spirit in social media

What will you do?

I was pleased and surprised to see my alma mater Capital University doing a social media campaign. And it’s actually pretty good.

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Wasted cycles

A lot of people have their places to go on the Web to screw around. There are times that they don’t want to be bothered with responsibilities, so they create their own content or pursue their own passions. This often happens during the work day.

When you feel like screwing around yourself, you should be syncing your wasted cycles with your customers’. Here are a few ideas.

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Marketing on Facebook

A friend of mine asked if I could explain how to use Facebook for marketing purposes. This is an interesting question because you really need to use Facebook for a while before you really get it. But I’ll take a stab at explaining it.

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Owning a conversation

One of the biggest opportunities that any company has on the Web is to own a conversation. Conversations happen in web communities, most of which are referred to as “social media” sites.

Unfortunately, most people think that running a web community is an easy affair. I’ll explain why this isn’t the case, what it really takes to run a web community, and how I’m doing it to promote myself.

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Consumer dumps Advertiser

Hilarious video brought to us by the folks at Bring the love back. Consumers are looking for a relationship with your business. They want for you to do well because they have a vested interest in you. Just be sure to listen when they’re offering advice.

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5 guidelines for commenting on your customers’ blogs

Read my commenting guidelines before you run off and start Googling for blog entries to comment on.

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