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Free XML weather feed from the National Weather Service

Here is a fine example of the government putting forth an effort to present its electronic data to citizens in as many formats as possible. The National Weather Service now offers weather forecast information as a free SOAP-based Web service.

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Why “Web 2.0” deserves to be a buzzword

I remember seeing the Web 2.0 buzzword a while ago and not quite getting it. I am generally annoyed by buzzwords because most of them are just rattled off by people in the IT world who are trying to gain respect without doing any of the work. But now I understand why it deserves to be a buzzword. People who understand the Web 2.0 initiative know that it’s about using existing Web technologies, but developing Web sites from an entirely new perspective.

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Nursing my skepticism on the RUP

Use case diagrams are a common artifact in Rational Unified Process projectsPrakash Malani’s blog pointed me to a wonderful article called How to Fail with the Rational Unified Process: Seven Steps to Pain and Suffering [via Wayback Machine]. I hate linking you to a PDF on the Web, but it is well worth printing and reading. I’ve considered myself a RUP skeptic, but the cause of this could very well be the fact that my experiences with it have been using the RUP incorrectly (at fault and peril of the organization that was pushing it on me).

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