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Use GrandCentral for a free business line

GrandCentral from Google Google-acquired GrandCentral offers a high tech “phone number for life.” The service is currently free, so why not use it to get a separate phone number for your business?

I set up a business line on GrandCentral a year ago and have received several inquiries from posting the number online. Plus it’s nice to know that a call is business-related when it comes through on my cell.

Read on to find out more about GrandCentral.

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My usability presentation next week

Columbus Digital Adobe User Group

I will be presenting about “discount usability” next week at the Columbus Digital Adobe User Group presentation night. Come for some food and networking opportunities and stay for 2 presentations about usability and accessibility.

The gist of the presentation: You can cheaply figure out where the biggest usability pitfalls are on your website. This type of analysis helps you identify areas where your site’s design is not performing as well as it could be. Learn how to do it yourself. No need to hire an expensive usability lab to do this high ROI activity.

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Hide the Web Developer Toolbar when you don’t need it

If you’re a web professional, you probably have a lot of toolbars in your browser. But you probably don’t need for all of them to be visible at all times.

Recently, I came across a way to hide the Firefox Web Developer Toolbar when you don’t need it, all with 1 click. Let me tell you how you can do it yourself.

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Web Publishing System presentation on March 1

I will be giving a presentation about the Adobe Web Publishing System on March 1 for COMMUG. The presentation is from 6:30-8:30 pm and will be held at Resource Interactive. Come on out and show the love!

I will go beyond the abstract that Kris Schultz has so kindly written for me and talk about how all of the products in the WPS—Contribute 3, Dreamweaver, Contribute Publishing Server, etc.—work together.

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FCKEditor: Lose the textareas

A review of FCKEditor, a WYSIWYG XHTML editor that integrates with ColdFusion, PHP, Java, and .NET.

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Why “Web 2.0” deserves to be a buzzword

I remember seeing the Web 2.0 buzzword a while ago and not quite getting it. I am generally annoyed by buzzwords because most of them are just rattled off by people in the IT world who are trying to gain respect without doing any of the work. But now I understand why it deserves to be a buzzword. People who understand the Web 2.0 initiative know that it’s about using existing Web technologies, but developing Web sites from an entirely new perspective.

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