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Links are the new online tip jar

In August, Seth put out the thought that clicking an ad on a site that you enjoy is like a tip jar. If you like the site, click an ad, and the site owner will get payment from the ad provider.

This caused an uproar amongst some marketers. I have a different suggestion.

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A different definition of responsibility

My pastor once said, “Responsibility means that you should be the first to respond. It does not mean that you’re to blame.”

We all have jobs to do, and sometimes they’re thankless. And when customers are involved, sometimes we get blamed for things that aren’t entirely our fault.

But in keeping the new definition of responsibility in mind, that just may change the way that you respond.

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Use GrandCentral for a free business line

GrandCentral from Google Google-acquired GrandCentral offers a high tech “phone number for life.” The service is currently free, so why not use it to get a separate phone number for your business?

I set up a business line on GrandCentral a year ago and have received several inquiries from posting the number online. Plus it’s nice to know that a call is business-related when it comes through on my cell.

Read on to find out more about GrandCentral.

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More on website accessibility

As I mentioned earlier, Target was going to get sued for not having an accessible website. As it turns out, they settled for $6 million.

What does this mean for you? Read on.

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My usability presentation next week

Columbus Digital Adobe User Group

I will be presenting about “discount usability” next week at the Columbus Digital Adobe User Group presentation night. Come for some food and networking opportunities and stay for 2 presentations about usability and accessibility.

The gist of the presentation: You can cheaply figure out where the biggest usability pitfalls are on your website. This type of analysis helps you identify areas where your site’s design is not performing as well as it could be. Learn how to do it yourself. No need to hire an expensive usability lab to do this high ROI activity.

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Importance vs. urgency

A friend of mine always forwards me cheesy self-improvement newsletters. I always read them because every now and then there are great little nuggets of wisdom. A few days ago, I came across this one from Jeffery Combs about the role of importance versus the role of urgency.

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The 2 most awesome tattoos ever

A picture of some killer HTML ink and a video of the most functional (and awesome) tattoo you’ll ever see.

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Book Review: The Dip

I agree with a colleague’s sentiments that The Dip is basically a 70-page blog post by Seth Godin.

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Ban the bullet point button in PowerPoint

A link round-up of some smart PowerPoint philosophy for those of you who may be working on presentations. The take-away is the same as always: don’t be a sloth when you’re building your presentations. Set your donut down and get to work!

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Don’t use these 4 words in email

Please? Thank youPenelope Trunk wrote an interesting post on 4 words that sound nice when spoken, but not in email. Man, they make a lot of sense too, especially when she explains context.

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