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How usability studies can make you money

This week, I’d like to point you to an article by Jared Spool called The $300 Million Button. Jared was hired to study the user experience of a $25 billion retailer’s web store. During his studies, he found that customers were being tripped up during a key part of the store’s check out process.

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What else does your message say?

I submitted a support ticket on behalf of a client today in their e-commerce system. After filling in the fields and submitting the form, I got this message:

In very alerting red text: "Your support request has been submitted."

At first, I thought I had made a mistake. An exclamation point icon? Bold red text? All of these visual cues tell a completely different story than what the message says.

What do your messages really say in context with visuals? And do you really want for your message to make someone feel undeserved panic, even if it’s just for a couple seconds?

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Design blunder: Using a sentence to point out your bad interface

As a web developer, some design decisions are in your hands. The UI team (if you have one) isn’t going to decide on what every single screen should look like.

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Web accessibility: another thing to worry about

Most web designers and web developers ignore accessibility. Now that Target is being sued for not having an accessible web site, the bar is going to be raised for your own site as well. Yes, this is yet another thing to worry about. And no, you should not half-ass it.

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FreshBooks’s helpful web registration forms

I coo periodically about FreshBooks’s web marketing approach.

Their home page lets your know what they’re about right away, and the tone is just… human.

They also win my heart with their registration process.

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How SEO improves web accessibility

Good search marketers are starting to make a positive impact on web accessibility. Many search marketers say that Google is the ultimate blind user anyway. Most everywhere, web accessibility still remains low on the totem pole of priorities. Let’s dive deep into the realms of user experience and talk about how good SEO can improve web accessibility.

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You need bigger font

Like it or not, a lot of your sites’ visitors wish that you would increase the default font size on your site. Finally, technology is starting to facilitate this, but why is no one willing to change along with it?

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Using non-breaking spaces to help with branding

You hear marketers yammer on about branding. A lot of it has validity, so you want to help out in your web marketing initiatives. So why would you want your company’s 2-word name to be split onto 2 separate lines? Let me show you why this is bad in your web marketing and how to avoid this mistake by using HTML non-breaking spaces.

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Book Review: Designing Web Usability

Designing Web Usability by Jakob NielsenI’ve finally finished reading another staple piece of literature in our field of web design. Although slightly outdated, Jakob Nielsen’s Designing Web Usability is a must read. Seriously, go get it. It’s your responsibility as a web designer to know this information.

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