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First 2 words

If you only had 11 characters to describe your content, what would your message say? As it turns out, sometimes that’s all that you can get people to “see” when they’re scanning for links to click.

This puts importance on how you’re using those characters in your page titles, but it also has a ton of implications for things like your headlines, headers, and how you start paragraphs.

Read on to find out why.

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Are you being ridiculed?

I recently came across a widget for creating filler copy. Its purpose is for designers to have some fake text to use as filler in their designs. (It’s not a designer’s job to write the content, right?)

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“The human touch is what’s missing.”

I attended an excellent webinar on Thursday, hosted by Marketing Experiments. A key takeaway from the presentation: Stop bragging. It’s disgusting. Craft every element of your marketing campaigns around the value that you bring to your customers. Don’t brag about yourself. Nobody wants to hear it.

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5 guidelines for commenting on your customers’ blogs

Read my commenting guidelines before you run off and start Googling for blog entries to comment on.

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Don’t use these 4 words in email

Please? Thank youPenelope Trunk wrote an interesting post on 4 words that sound nice when spoken, but not in email. Man, they make a lot of sense too, especially when she explains context.

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