I wrote last week about showing, not telling. But I didn’t give any examples. Well, here you go.

1. Silverback by Clearleft

They give us a sentence, 6 bullet points, and a dead-simple diagram showing what it does. They even show us a video demo that was created using the product itself. Brilliant.

2. iPhone by Apple

The product is so great that their TV commercials don’t do anything other than show the product in use. And it sells itself. When I first picked one up myself, there were no surprises on how it would work.

3. Getting Real by 37signals

37signals lets you read their book online for free. If someone really wants to endure the eye strain or read it slowly, it’s there for the taking. But those who love having a memento or reading a print version can buy those. This works especially well for 37signals because they have other products that others may want to check out.