Google FeedBurner

I am a fan of FeedBurner. But URLs are permanent.

What happens when you have visitors subscribe to a standard URL?

  • People subscribe to a URL owned by Google.
  • If you want to discontinue the use of FeedBurner, you’ll lose those people because you don’t own the domain.

FeedBurner was really cool to offer their MyBrand service. Basically, MyBrand allows you to point people to your domain name instead of theirs. For example, when you subscribe to my feed, you’re subscribing to But under the hood, the feed is powered by FeedBurner.

This is awesome because if I ever wish to discontinue using FeedBurner, or if they ever discontinue their service, I can still host my own feed at Basically, I won’t lose anyone in the process.

This requires a little bit of technical wizardry. If your web guy or hosting company cannot handle it, then you may want to consider switching web guys and/or hosting companies.