Meatball SundaeYesterday, Seth Godin spoke to over 2,000 listeners about the principles of his new book, Meatball Sundae. If you’re in business and haven’t read any of Seth’s work, you need to start now, grasshopper!

Instead of trying to recap it myself with few notes, I’ll have to defer to Chris Hoskin’s recap of the webinar [via Wayback Machine]. Really, this recap tells it how it is. Read and learn.

I must repeat the question once more: What can you start doing today that will make a huge difference 10 years from now? Humble yourself and leave your thoughts in the comments.

Ramble: It’s weird to hear myself say that I’ve attended 2 excellent webinars in 2 weeks, but it happened. These webinar folks must be learning that droning on about uninteresting topics is yesterday’s news. Either that, or I’ve learned how to screen out the bad ones!