Hell no, it isn’t. In fact, I’d argue that your blog is worthless until it becomes a supplement of your identity. An extension of what you’re doing, not the center of it.

Look at these wildly popular bloggers:

  • Seth Godin has written many, many books and uses his blog as practice for shaping ideas for new ones.
  • Jessica Hagy draws really funny charts and uses her blog as a vehicle for delivering them.
  • Hugh MacLeod draws hilarious cartoons and chronicles work challenges while doing it.
  • 37signals builds great software and writes books. They challenge the status quo in the software industry.
  • Matthew Inman draws beautiful and funny cartoons and shares many of them for free.

What do they all share? They’ve done something. They’ve produced and shipped something of meaning. They share a lot of original thought. They rarely regurgitate others’ work.

So no, blogging is not enough. You need to be building something of meaning. You need to be producing art. Then you work on connecting with others on Twitter and your blog.

Less tweeting, more working.

Eating my own dog food

This post is a reminder to myself about what I’m trying to do. I don’t fit the description that I wrote above. I’m filled with potential, but I haven’t yet shipped. I work on it most every day though. Do you?