Now in the Playbook is an article with tips, best practices, and guidelines for creating an effective Contact Us page.

Topics covered in the article:

  • Content style recommendations
  • Information to include
  • Where to link up your Contact Us page
  • Guidelines for creating a contact form
  • Examples of effective Contact Us pages

As with everything in the Playbook, the plan is to keep the information updated and relevant.

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Examples of effective Contact Us pages

For posterity’s sake, here are the examples of great Contact Us pages listed in the current version of the article. (You could say that this is a Best of 2014 list.)


There are several different reasons to contact ZURB, and their
Contact Us
page handles it well.

  • Includes the basics: mailing address, phone number, general email addresses.
  • Map of location highlights activities in the area for prospective employees and other visitors.
  • Includes links to social media accounts.
  • Although there are more options on this page than most businesses require, they’ve done a nice job of
    chunking content in a logical order that doesn’t feel overwhelming.


Combadi uses a simple layout to prioritize their contact form, and they offer other contact
information in the sidebar. This is a nice, simple way to display all of the information on
their Contact Us page.

  • Contact form only includes the bare essentials.
  • Secondary information is listed cleanly in the sidebar.
  • Includes company registration number for those who may be seeking it.
  • Includes links to social media accounts (though they appear to be missing links to their Google+ and
    Pinterest accounts, which you can see in the top bar).

The Barrelhouse Flat

Customers’ ability to find their location is of utmost importance, so the map takes front-and-center
on The Barrelhouse Flat’s Contact Us page.

  • Hours & location seize the opportunity to answer a frequently asked question asked by
  • Party-booking information is also explained to answer another potential FAQ.
  • The illustration of the drinking hippo is a nice touch that keeps this page on-brand.