In this new screencast, I cover the DBMigrate plugin. It’s a great tool to use to generate and modify your database structure using nothing but CFML.

Want to check out the source code used in the screencast? Here’s the CFWheels screencasts GitHub repo.

Why I love the DBMigrate plugin

I only got to touch on this briefly at the end of the screencast, but there are many reasons to love DBMigrate.

  • Multi-platform. You write code in CFML that works on MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and Oracle.
  • Version-controllable. The DBMigrate plugin allows you to keep revisions of your database structure in your application’s source code. That means you can check it in to Git or SVN along with your other application code changes.
  • Easier deployments. To deploy, switch your application to maintenance mode, deploy your application code, click a button to change the database, and reload your application back into production mode. All of this is scriptable as well.
  • Can be for more than just databases. I’ve used this plugin before to make changes to the file system, for example. Whatever ColdFusion can do, your migrations can do.

There are many other screencasts that I want record about DBMigrate, so expect for me to return to this topic later.