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Progressively enhancing your CFWheels form with nested properties and jQuery

We all find ourselves in this situation from time to time: we want to code a form that contains a “main” record and a collection of “nested” records. We want some JavaScript-powered form controls to add to and remove from that collection of nested records. Clicking the submit button then saves the whole thing.

This post will cover a fairly standard CFWheels solution using nested properties and a sprinkling of jQuery.

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Never output anything to a browser without using a formatting filter

Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities can be quite a serious problem if you’re not careful. And if you’re using a framework like CFWheels, you need to be extra careful to protect your output from rendering malicious content.

In this post, I suggest that you must always use a formatting function like EncodeForHtml, DateFormat, or NumberFormat when outputting any dynamic value.

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Building search forms with tableless models in CFWheels

In this post, I hope to persuade you that you will rarely ever need the Tag-based form helpers (textFieldTag, selectTag, etc.) in your CFWheels apps ever again.

“How?” you ask.

The answer: through the use of a wonderful feature that we affectionately call tableless models.

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CFWheels, meet Docker

I was stoked when I saw that Adam Chapman had created a Docker setup for CFWheels and Lucee.

Docker is a fairly easy way to get a development environment setup for experimentation, which then can be shipped into production later. It’s also a great way to try out Lucee and CFWheels.

You’re probably like I was also: curious about Docker and what it could do for you. If you’re familiar with CFWheels, this is a great way to jump in and see if it’s right for you

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Screencast: CFWheels DBMigrate Create Operations

In this new screencast, I cover the DBMigrate plugin. It’s a great tool to use to generate and modify your database structure using nothing but CFML.

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Loading “Extra” Queries for a Form in CFWheels

Many times, you’ll see this sort of situation when writing a form, where you need to load "extra" queries for things like state and country selectors:

There are many ways that you can load the data that this view template is requiring, each with their pros and cons. I’ll cover 3 different approaches.

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Restrict Key CFWheels URL Variables from Google Analytics

Here’s a little tip to keep anyone in your organization using Google Analytics from accidentally reloading your CFWheels application in the wrong environment.

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Another Bug Fixed in ColdFISH on Wheels Plugin

Russ Johnson reported a bug with my ColdFISH on Wheels plugin. The bug affected the formattedCode() function’s wrapperElement and wrapperClass arguments, which were being ignored accidentally.

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Presentation Tomorrow: Migrating Existing Applications to CFWheels

I’ll be presenting about migrating existing applications to the CFWheels framework tomorrow night, February 10, on the Online ColdFusion Meetup.

I’ve been working on a plan for migrating a Fusebox application to CFWheels, and it’s been a pretty challenging task to think through it all. I don’t care what framework or platform you’re migrating to. It;s not easy. It’s much easier to start anew, but most of us do not have that leisure.

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How to Build an Admin Section in CFWheels

Every now and then, someone asks how to build an admin section into their CFWheels application. If they want for it to be in an admin folder, does that mean that you can only have an admin controller that stores everything needed?

Fortunately, one approach allows for you to split your admin section up into as many controllers as you need using CFWheels routes. Let’s discuss how.

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