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Alchemy CMS: great for managing websites integrated with Ruby on Rails

After learning Ruby on Rails, I played around a little with a few of the open source content management system options available, and one in particular stood out for what I typically need: Alchemy CMS.

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PDF is overused on the Web; let’s blame content management systems

Probably the biggest annoyance in developing government web sites has been the overuse of the PDF format. But the problem extends beyond government sites. On the web are hordes of PDFs. I’ve been taught over the years that PDF is not optimal for delivering content over the Web, but I’ve recently discovered more information that backs this notion.

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Web Publishing System presentation on March 1

I will be giving a presentation about the Adobe Web Publishing System on March 1 for COMMUG. The presentation is from 6:30-8:30 pm and will be held at Resource Interactive. Come on out and show the love!

I will go beyond the abstract that Kris Schultz has so kindly written for me and talk about how all of the products in the WPS—Contribute 3, Dreamweaver, Contribute Publishing Server, etc.—work together.

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How to delete web pages without affecting your search rankings

In my recent blog migration, I had to make decisions on how to guide my site’s visitors from the old pages to the new URLs generated by the new blog system. These “visitors” I just mentioned also include search engine spiders. When you redesign any portion of your site, think twice before deleting the old files and folders from your web server.

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