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Designing for change, keeping customers uncomfortable

The degree to which you keep your customers uncomfortable is a choice, whether you’ve made the choice intentionally or not. If you’re building or running a software product, figure out where you want to be on this spectrum.

This is my take on the pros and cons of frequent vs. infrequent change and how to best serve your customers based on your chosen strategy.

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Modular CSS

One of the best parts of SMACSS is the concept of modules.

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Simplified Body Glide package design

I love seeing a piece of design go from “amateur Photoshopper” to simple and clean. See this quick post on how Body Glide delighted my inner design nerd recently with their package redesign.

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Sass and CSS style guide

Over the past few months, I have been working on my own Sass and CSS style guide. Here is where I how I do things at this time:

Sass & CSS style guide

Like everything in the Playbook, I plan on refining and sharing improvements as I learn and improve my craft.

Read on for a summary of what I include in my style guide

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Why you need a responsive design for your website

After urging a couple clients to update their websites to be responsive, I started reflecting a little bit on why I recommend responsive web design (RWD) for most websites.

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CAPTCHAs with a purpose

reCAPTCHAAs a user of the Web, you’re probably familiar with CAPTCHAs. They’re the little word puzzle with the squiggly letters that you are required to type in when signing up for various services.

It’s estimated that 60 million CAPTCHAs are solved around the world each day. In light of this, Carnegie Mellon has created a program called reCAPTCHA that actually puts all of this superfluous work to use.

Read on to see what this is all about and how you can help out.

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Enterprise Facebook

What if your company’s intranet were more like Facebook? Isn’t the point of an intranet to spread ideas and information? Have you seen anything recently that does a better job of hooking in users than Facebook and Twitter?

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Web design podcast


There are a few good reasons to check out Paul and Marcus at the Boagworld Web Design Podcast, even if you’re not a web designer. Read on to find out why.

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More on website accessibility

As I mentioned earlier, Target was going to get sued for not having an accessible website. As it turns out, they settled for $6 million.

What does this mean for you? Read on.

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Are you being ridiculed?

I recently came across a widget for creating filler copy. Its purpose is for designers to have some fake text to use as filler in their designs. (It’s not a designer’s job to write the content, right?)

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