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Progressively enhancing your CFWheels form with nested properties and jQuery

We all find ourselves in this situation from time to time: we want to code a form that contains a “main” record and a collection of “nested” records. We want some JavaScript-powered form controls to add to and remove from that collection of nested records. Clicking the submit button then saves the whole thing.

This post will cover a fairly standard CFWheels solution using nested properties and a sprinkling of jQuery.

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Loading “Extra” Queries for a Form in CFWheels

Many times, you’ll see this sort of situation when writing a form, where you need to load "extra" queries for things like state and country selectors:

There are many ways that you can load the data that this view template is requiring, each with their pros and cons. I’ll cover 3 different approaches.

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FreshBooks’s helpful web registration forms

I coo periodically about FreshBooks’s web marketing approach.

Their home page lets your know what they’re about right away, and the tone is just… human.

They also win my heart with their registration process.

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