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Epic battle of the lizard brain

In Seth Godin’s Linchpin, he describes our own “lizard brain.” I battle mine on a daily basis. This video reminds me of this struggle and describes the concept well.

Read on for more about the lizard brain.

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Not just about showing up

Up until I was about 27, this mantra was all that I needed:

Life is all about showing up.

This statement is true, but it’s only half-true in some situations. There’s more to it than that.

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REALLY networking

I’ve always gotten a bad vibe from people at networking events. Most people are there to be the smartest kid in the room, puff out their chests and prove why they’re great, or feign interest in hopes of finding talent to exploit. I suppose that none of this is surprising because most people are average and need to hide that fact.

John Sumser describes this problem and provides worthwhile solutions to counter it in his post, Networking Is Not Working. SURPRISE! The solutions all involve hard work, which most people are unwilling to do. Instead of spending time working hard on shipping a great idea, people schmooze to feel like they’re getting things done.

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2 types of web developers

I’ve had this sense that there are 2 different types of web developers: artists and robots. “Artists” can think abstractly and design solutions that really feel good. “Robots” obsess over details that often don’t end up mattering to anyone other than themselves.

There are trade-offs to working with either though. Read on to find out what they are.

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Becoming the authority

Sometimes there just isn’t room for you at the top. If you’re in a field with experts and join late, then you’re going to have a hell of a time getting to authority status. It’s not impossible, but you’re setting yourself up for a tough fight.

I’ve been finding myself in that spot over the past couple days. I’ll talk a little about the options I have available and where I want to go. (Maybe you’ll pick an idea up too.)

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Online marketing suite: I have a dream

I have a dream of a glorious website system. One that will tie all channels together and show marketers a clear picture of what’s happening. A system that has an opinion on what the best practices are. A system that is human compatible, not just web server compatible.

The analysts call it an online marketing suite [via Wayback Machine]. And apparently I have quite a bit to say about online marketing suites. Read on for the opine.

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Permanence of email marketing

There is a major difference between editing content on your website versus sending out messages via email marketing.

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Setting up your GI Joes

A friend back in college always used to reminisce about the old days of playing with GI Joes as a kid. Why am I bringing this up on a blog about marketing? I think it’s interesting to compare the story to project planning, particularly in technology projects.

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Information as payment

You may be unaware that you actually do pay for free services on the Web. The form of payment isn’t always obvious: your personal information.

There are a couple lessons to be learned here. Read on.

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Avoid slot machine marketing

Don’t be like Jimmy John’s and spray out irrelevant marketing messages to everyone within earshot. This isn’t in the "marketing disasters" category by any means, but I would file it under the "someone isn’t thinking" category.

What did they do? Read on and learn.

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