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Designing for change, keeping customers uncomfortable

The degree to which you keep your customers uncomfortable is a choice, whether you’ve made the choice intentionally or not. If you’re building or running a software product, figure out where you want to be on this spectrum.

This is my take on the pros and cons of frequent vs. infrequent change and how to best serve your customers based on your chosen strategy.

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Simplistic vs. simple in product design

We’ve all heard of it before: “I want something simple.” People get tired of products that present them with so many choices that they don’t know where to go next.

When you’re building a product, this sentiment can sometimes lead you down the deceptive path of simplistic.

There is an important difference between the terms though.

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Thoughtful design by simplehuman

I picked up a simplehuman trash can on Monday and was surprised to see how well it was designed.

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Product design: utility vs. focus

A reversible belt that I own recently got me thinking about product design. Its extra utility has made my experience as a belt-wearer kind of unpleasant.

What does this have to do with product design? Read on to find out.

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Web 2.0 and the hierarchy of needs

Thanks to RAW STYLUS for pointing us to a great slide show [via Wayback Machine] from eBay’s Rolf Skyberg about Web 2.0’s place in our era

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Netflix and its 2 week design iterations


User Interface Engineering wrote an excellent article about how Netflix publishes changes to their site every 2 weeks. Highly recommended. I’m envious of Netflix.

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