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Alchemy CMS: great for managing websites integrated with Ruby on Rails

After learning Ruby on Rails, I played around a little with a few of the open source content management system options available, and one in particular stood out for what I typically need: Alchemy CMS.

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Introduction to feature specs in RSpec

With Live Editor, I decided to spend a lot of focus on writing feature specs¬†with RSpec and Capybara. Feature specs allow you to test your application from the user’s point of view. You use the Capybara gem to test your application’s interface with commands like these:

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The disposable interface

Imagine a world where your work is disposable. That’s right, trashed. You’re a COBOL programmer, and everyone wants to rewrite your applications in Java. HTML is all the rage.

A few years pass, and HTML isn’t good enough anymore. So that work gets entirely replaced by a Flex application.

Where does it end?

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