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Book review: The Brand Gap

March 19, 2008

Marty Neumeier’s The Brand Gap is a quick read that leaves you with a lot. Neumeier left behind prose for this one and presents his ideas in a presentational “white board” format. Once you’ve flipped through, you’ve learned what a brand really is and how to create an effective one.

I think the book falls in line with Seth Godin’s tenet that everyone in the company is a marketer. Everyone in your company contributes to its brand. If accounting is late on paying a bill, that department has left an impression about its culture on whomever was effected. Your company’s brand is not just its logo. It’s how people experience interactions with your company.

I love this kind of stuff because it discourages companies from cutting corners. A company best be concerned with its value and customer experience, or else it will be yet another story to tell about failed companies.

Everyone’s becoming a commodity, but some are not perceived as so. As a person and a company, how are you being perceived?

Written by Chris Peters, your friendly neighborhood digital marketing professional with over 20 years of experience of web design, programming, SEO, and marketing.