When you start an online store, sales will start out slower than you could imagine.

If you’re off to a slow start in your e-commerce venture, rest assured that it took Amazon 7 years to report a profitable quarter.

Who else had to hang in there? An archived Google Answers topic shows that these companies had to have their share of patience.

  • Star and New York Post‘s owner, Rupert Murdoch (10 years)
  • ESPN (~6 years)
  • Sports Illustrated (11 years)
  • Turner Broadcasting System (12 years)
  • Unimation (19 years)
  • Airbus (20 years)
  • World Trade Center (20 years)
  • OfficeMax (6 years)
  • Ask (7 years)
  • Greenfield Online (10 years)

I’m not wishing a 20 year slump on you, but I’m hoping that you’ll find some encouragement in it!